Monday, August 1, 2016

Inflammation Can Affect Every Part of Health

Inflammation is an essential part of the bodys healing. Aging, physical stressors, exposure to environmental irritants, and poor-quality sleep are also factors that can contribute to chronic inflammation and lead to the early stages of disease development. Although an inflammatory immune response is an essential, protective response, it can give rise to chronic inflammation if left unresolved. 

We have recently come to understand that there are two phases of inflammation, the initiation and the
resolution phase. It is important for inflammation to be completely resolved to help the body heal. Traditional approaches for the management of inflammation have focused on blocking the initiation phase. However, we now know that inflammation doesn't simply fade away. Recent studies have indicated that natural substances produced by the body called specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators, also known as SPMs, support the completion of the inflammatory response. Once inflammation is resolved, the affected part of the body can return to a normal state.

Could You Benefit from SPMs?

Our bodies produce SPMs via a multi-step process; however, different health conditions can influence the body's ability to produce SPMs. SPMs work by assisting inflammation resolution, which is important for the body to repair and heal itself. Revolutionary fractionation technology has allowed research and development to isolate active marine lipids in a concentrated form so that we may now supplement the body's natural production of SPMs.

Chronic inflammation doesnt have to be a part of your life. Schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare practitioner's at Advanced Health Clinic to discover solutions that are right for you and your individual health needs.


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