Monday, July 28, 2014

Resolving Emotions to Resolve Dis-Ease 2

Stay Clear and Connected in Everyday Life

Resolving emotions is vital for life force. Everything is energy!  Your thoughts, beliefs and even the way you carry yourself all determine the quality of your life. Again, everything is energy. It is neither good nor bad. Harnessing energy that supports your life is a decision that should come from your place of conscious awareness, acceptance, and by taking actions that support your intentions. Each of us has unlimited potential for clarity, focus, peace and joy, and the fulfillment of knowing that we are living the brilliant life we were meant to live. One simple tool you can use to help you get started is the tool of journaling.
I encourage my patients my clients to write down a list of anything that did not  support their health and wellness goals at the end of the day. Get it all out - every unsupported thought, word, action, choice that happened throughout the day. Release whatever was not helpful. Then, take that piece of paper and throw it away. Burn it, shred it, whatever it takes to release those negative thoughts and choices. Take a deep breath ... see how it feels to be release what is no longer useful.
The next step is to then write 5 things that happened in the day that you were grateful for in a permanent journal. Fill that empty space back up with light, love and peace. The best tool you have to do this is the tool of gratitude. 
The final step is to go back and read 5 things that you have previously written in your journal (once this has been established). Remember the good things that have happened. By doing this simple step, you will shift your energy, making healing possible as you sleep, which in turn, helps you awaken to a new day, refreshed and invigorated. 
Developing an awareness of what will move you towards your dream, releasing the things that challenge you, and building stepping stones out of the challenges that are holding you back is the first step in experiencing greater freedom, joy and fulfillment. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Resolving Emotions to Resolve Dis-Ease

Do you or a loved one feel like no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get well? Everything you do seems to help, at least a little, yet you never quite get there.  It might be that below the surface deep within your emotions, lie unresolved traumas that are impacting your ability to get "well".  

There are a few things that every chronically ill person deals with. One of those is the stress of emotional trauma.  Events shape us in deep and often unconscious ways.  Finding ways to release emotional trauma is an important step to becoming well. Over the next few blogs, I will address some of the methods I use with my patients, and the resources that I think are invaluable for healing and freeing yourself from dis-ease.