Monday, October 26, 2015


This questionnaire helps you determine the function of thyroid hormone in your body. It does not matter if you have had lab tests that say your thyroid is OK or that you may be taking prescription thyroid medication, you still may have problems with metabolism that directly relates to how thyroid hormone is functioning in your body.

Scoring: in front of each question enter the following score:
10 If this is a noticeable issue or significant problem
5 If this is a problem, but not a major issue
2 – If this happens every now and then, but you don’t notice it too much
0 If you seldom or never have this issue.

                 1) Are you cold (cold hands/feet)?
                 2) Do you have a swelling in the neck area?
                 3) Are you overweight? (10 if over 20 lbs, 5 if 10-19 lbs, 2 if 5-9 lbs)
                 4) Can you eat very little and still not lose weight (or you gain weight too easily)?
                 5) Are you tired all the time?
                 6) Do you wake up with headaches/heavy head that wears off as the day progresses?
                          7) Do you always need a lot of sleep, and even then you don’t feel well rested?
                 8) If you sit down during the day do you get tired (energy drops when you stop moving)?
                 9) Does your energy significantly drop in the afternoon?
                 10) Do you rely on caffeine, nicotine, or some other stimulant to keep your energy going?
                   11) Women - Are your moods noticeably worse with your menstrual cycle or transition? Men - Do you lack a morning erection (never get one=10, sometimes=5, occasionally=2)
                 12) Does stress cause you to feel irritable too easily (short fuse, low tolerance)?
                 13) Are you depressed, easily prone to depression, and/or feel less communicative or witdrawn?
                 14) Are you prone to depression in the fall or spring?
                 15) Does your head feel heavy (and/or your memory/concentration is noticeably declining)?
                 16) Is the outside portion of your eyebrows thinning (or gone)?
                 17) Do you have dry skin and/or dry hair?
                 18) Do you have rough patches of skin on your elbows?
                 19) Is your hair falling out (or less body hair in general: head, legs, arms, eyelids, eyebrows)?
                 20) Are you prone to constipation (including having to strain to eliminate)?
                 21) Do you have numbness in your extremities or have carpal tunnel syndrome?
                 22) Are you prone to facial fluid retention, especially around the eyes?
                 23) Is your voice hoarse or coarse?
                 24) Do you get muscle cramps or have general muscle weakness?
                 25) Do you have high or low cholesterol?
(10 if over 250, 5 if 220-249, 2 if 201-219, 10 if under 140, 5 if 141-160)


If your total score is over 100 you have a significant metabolism problem. Thyroid hormone is not working in a proper manner. Thyroid issues are causing other health problems.

If your score is in the 50-100 range, you have a noticeable metabolism problem. Thyroid hormone function in your body is struggling. Steps need to be taken to prevent health issues from magnifying.

If your score is in the 20-49 range, you are showing signs of metabolism wear and tear. The higher your score in this range the greater the need to take preventive steps to keep your health on track.

If your score is under 20, your metabolism is in good condition.

Please talk to your Health Care Practitioner if you are experiencing symptoms. For assistance, please contact us at Advanced Health Clinic


  1. How do you know that thyroid is really the cause of all these? This describes me to a T, and the little bit of chill we have here in Utah is killing me. But I don't need more thyroid; then it's too much and my adrenals can't keep up. I've dealt with Lyme and have found that you can't always just pigeon-hole people because other things may be the cause.
    However, I am very interested in a response. I recently made an appointment with a local doc as all mine are out of state. I'm having trouble finding competent help.

    1. Rebekah, You are absolutely right. No one can be pigeonholed. This is a general survey of symptoms, and in not meant to be a diagnostic tool. But it is good information to give to your practitioner.A good practitioner will take tools like these, along with a complete history, and appropriate testing. I also recommend keeping a log of one's body temperature, taken first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed, for a week, and taking that into their practitioner. Low body temperature can also be a sign of thyroid issues. Thyroid can be high, or low. Both are problems. And you must look at adrenal function to help balance the thyroid. They go hand-in-hand. For more information about my practice, you can visit our website at Best wishes.