Friday, February 18, 2011

Martha's Minute: Reducing Your Risk to Toxic Exposure

What can you do to decrease your risks of toxic exposure?Understand the risks & decrease your exposure to toxins
    1. Environmental
        1. Use chemical free products in your home (soap, detergents, cleaning products, dryer sheets, natural insect and weed killers, etc)
        2. Take off your shoes before entering the house to avoid tracking in chemicals from outside.
        3. Reduce chlorine exposure by attaching filters to your shower heads (Chloroform is released when chlorinated water is heated.)
        4. Avoid personal products with pthalates, paraben, 4-MBC
    2. Detoxify Your Body
      1. It is important to find a program that will support your body's detoxification systems and promote health and vitality.
      2. I customize detoxification progams to fit your needs and symptoms.
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